We genuinely seek to establish real relationships.
We have built our entire business on this premise. We have become friends with many of my clients, and we have great relationships with many agents. One barometer for our business performance is how often we get invited over for dinner or housewarming parties.

We think inspections can and should be fun and enjoyable.
I love to narrate what I’m doing, looking for, and finding out loud. I think this can make the inspection engaging for my clients, and I often hear that they learned a lot. It never hurts to add some humor along the way too.

We love to help people.
It’s just part of who we are, and it makes us feel good to help others. If there is a way to help, we’ve been known to come back after the closing and help my clients repair something together.

We want our limited number of minutes on Earth to matter.
We care about what we do, and we care about the report we deliver. While many inspectors focus on volume–cranking out as many inspections as possible, we limit ourselves to no more than two per day. My reports are thorough and narrative-based, and I try to back up my findings with diagrams, links, and information that can help my clients understand the issues. Money is not our motivation, our client’s experience and satisfaction with the inspection report is always #1 to us.

I crave learning.
I’m always working to improve what I do and how I do it, and I’m almost always involved in some new certification course. This is just how I’m wired. My post-inspection email to my clients even asks for raw, unfettered feedback on how I can improve, and I always take any constructive criticism to heart and try to improve any way I can. Comfort zones are not good for business or relationships of any kind.

We believe inspections should be as thorough as possible.
This is the Golden Rule in action. If we hired an inspector, we would want every effort made to evaluate everything possible. This means we never perform a roof inspection with binoculars from the ground like a lot of inspectors do. The roof is too important. I always do a roof-level inspection, which means I will either walk the roof, or I’ll use my high-resolution Docapole camera system to inspect every inch.

We guarantee same-day delivery of the report.
Again, the Golden Rule is in action. There’s nothing worse than having a limited time to make a decision of whether to buy or not and having to wait days or weeks for the inspection report. That report can be the most important thing to help you decide, and if we were a client, we’d want it in my hands as soon as humanly possible. This is why I guarantee my reports to be delivered within 24 hours. If not, we’ll refund you $100 from your inspection fee.

We encourage you to read my Google reviews to see these are not just empty words. And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions at all.

We hope we get the opportunity to work with you!